Urban Perspectives specialises in town planning, community consultation, environmental assessment and management and digital services. It employs Qualified Town Planners, experienced environmental managers and Auditors accredited by Quality Society of Australia.  Urban Perspectives are members of the Environment Institute of Australia (EIA) and Planning Institute of Australia (PIA).  Our project team has extensive experience with State Significant and Major Projects, as well as local and regional developments.

We provide a full range of town planning services that identify solutions to avoid, reduce and control the environmental and social  impacts of your project. Our speciality is major projects with the employment of planners who have the combined experience in over 50 major and state significant projects.

Urban Perspectives experience provides us with a sound understanding of the issues associated with your project. Our ongoing involvement with projects beyond the design and approval phases ensures that commitments are delivered and your reputation is enhanced. Stuart Wilmot started Urban Perspectives in July 2001.

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